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My Arctic Liquid Freezer III 360′ Journey!


Hello people!
I haven’t written anything in a while…but I plan to change that!

So here go!

It was posted in a Hellenic forum a link about Arctic selling in discount their AIO link here: https://www.arctic.de/en/23YearsARCTIC/ so I rushed on Sunday 25th of February 2024 to buy the AIO of the title link here: https://www.arctic.de/en/Liquid-Freezer-III-360/ACFRE00136A, I paid via paypal and I got an email that payment was successful but when I was trying to see my order in arctic’s website I was getting error that payment failed and I should try another method.

I didn’t give much attention that moment because the order has taken place at 23:15 at night. But next day in the morning the status was the same…so I called their number in Germany and spoke with a very friendly and polite rep of Arctic who told me there was no problem with the order and the order has been shipped already and he asked me if I would like to get an email with the tracking ID. I said yes and thanked him.

A few minutes later he sent me the email with the tracking number. It has been shipped with DHL on Monday 26th. The tracking ID has been taking updates until Tuesday 27th in like 3AM

Note that this pic has been taken today, Monday 4th of March!

Also today I have given them a call in DHL Hellas, the rep on the phone told me that the shipment has been stuck (as I have phrased it) but it is still in route to Hellas and it will be delivered by Thursday 7th of March. I thanked him and ended the call.

An hour later I got an email by DHL giving me another tracking link which stated that the delivery will be by Friday 8th. Okay…

I didn’t give that much thought since either way I will have free time to play with it in the Weekend.

And a few minutes later I receive another email and an sms saying the delivery will today by the end of the day:

So hooray! Most likely I will receive it today but won’t have the time to install it and will do in the weekend!


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