Let’s make a trash person famous!


    Hello people!

    This is my first post after some time, I wanted to write about games and experiences but I will leave that for another day or maybe link some articles from e-arena.gr which is my main site. Who knows?!

    Instead I am going to write about a bad experience I had in twitch with a sycophant member. Baltrazi is the name of the trash of day. And yes, if you are butthurt from what I write here, you can send your complains. I will make sure to read them and reply in kind.

    I will write also here, THE TRUTH IS WHAT THE FACTS ARE. Providing no facts you have no truth and if you have no truth, well you are a liar and a sycophant. Simple huh?

    So I will describe what happen in a stream I was watching, what I said and what accusation I got from this trash guy.
    I used to be a subscriber of Zara, not anymore though because of what happen and what the stance of the streamer was.
    So in this stream that happen December 18th of 2023 (better late than never), there was a conversation about a woman who had some weird piercing etc. Can’t say the full details because of what happen next kinda shocked me and through me off the spirit of the conversation. But there were 614 people + the streamer so anyone can provide more details.
    It went something like: we talked about the piercings and I said that “evolution will clear the landscape” or something of the sort. Of course this was irony but with a dose of truth. If you do violate your body in such a savage way, you might end up not so well after a while and survival of the fittest will kick in!
    A few seconds later I said also what I truly believe: It is her body and her choice after all. It doesn’t really matter what I think or what I like or not.
    And yes, this is what I stand for. Any person ought to have full rights to their own body to do as they like. For sure I might like some changes more than others of I might not like some at all, for example, the piercings in that particular woman. But I will never ever say to anyone what to do or not. Again, their body, their choice. And this is without any irony.

    I am writing this here without knowing who will read this, it might be religious fanatics which I personally despise. To you fundamentalists I say also the same about women and abortions. You control YOUR LIFE and YOUR BODY. You do not control other people’s body. End of story.
    Your wholy books are full of abortions and baby killings by your god so all your arguments are invalid. Read your book of fables first and then we can talk about it.

    So having said above what I stand for and what I don’t and having said the story to the best of my recollection, I am posting this picture here:

    This user(he is blocked by me after he failed to provide any evidence of his claim), accused me in a stream with 614 people that I am “a sexist bigot, there is no reconciling this thought sorry”.
    I have asked in the stream, can you provide ANY proof or evidence for what you claim? My claim about you is that you are a racist sycophant and I can backup my claim with just exposing you here with this capture.
    Also behaviours like this sycophant’s are accepted and tolerated by twitch. Yeap, you read this right! Twitch does nothing about it!

    Now why did I unsubscribe from Zara? To be clear, I like Zara! She’s fun and charming not to mention that she is drop dead gorgeous!
    But this sycophant is a tier 3 member (aka pays a lot more than me) and he openly accused another member in her stream providing NO EVIDENCE about his accusation and she even went back in chat, read what was written there by me, she also said that she doesn’t believe that I am sexist bigot as this sycophant accused me and she took no action!
    Sure, I was a subscriber for 2 months at that time and tier 1(sorry my economics allow me only this much), the sycophant is more than a year (or two at this point) and tier 3. So money talks! I would (as I have) ban this user just for daring to lie about me but I was expecting the streamer to clear up the situation and have this sycophant apologise (2 Hellenic words back to back? Maybe I should be writing in Hellenic!) and then move on. But inaction is an action, it shows that behaviours like this sycophant’s are accepted.
    Also I think it is related to an incident that happen on Zara’s discord server but I left the server because it violated my freedom of speech and my human rights. Her server and community made me feel really unwelcomed after I have posted a meme about a chinese restaurant!

    This meme at least to me shows that Chinese have a sense of humor and more specifically, my sense of humor!
    I found this absolutely hilarious and I shared this to Zara’s discord server, Zara found it also funny but you see…we live in a society where someone(American always) will be offended on someone else’s behalf. I can’t say it was the same sycophant as the twitch sycophant because after a moderator deleted my meme, I left the server because as I said, it violated my freedom of expression. I don’t care who you are. Actually I don’t give a fuck of who you are, if you violate basic constitutional laws, you’re done! Simple as that!
    Also this meme didn’t violate Zara’s discord rules…so I left her server and I didn’t take a printscreen, so I can’t actually name who was annoyed by it but given what followed I can formulate a hypothesis…so can you dear viewer!
    So Zara brought up this meme in her conversation about the situation and she said she also found it funny….now you see dear viewer…Zara is Eurasian, so if this meme was offensive in any way, she would be offended but she wasn’t! But it always has to be 3rd person, unrelated and privileged(tier 3 sub anyone?) to make a situation out of nothing!

    Have I regretted my actions? No. I didn’t do anything wrong OR out of the guidelines of twitch, if I had, Zara wouldn’t have taken my side and I would be kicked and banned etc.
    What I have regret is that I didn’t take actions earlier, this sycophant was harassing me in the chat that day ever since Zara started streaming and I didn’t pay attention because he is a nobody, a nothing, a zero. I didn’t knew this guy before, nor I cared to.
    But during that stream, I heard Zara talking to the sycophant “have you blocked the member who annoyed you?” and I didn’t get that the conversation was about me. I wasn’t even in front of the screen for the most part! Later on I understood that the sycophant was creating a situation about me. Do I care? I cared enough to block this person and write this article.
    Listen, my time is precious, as I assume it is for all my viewers! I am thankful to all those who are viewing my streams and read my content!
    I respect my viewers time so I also demand the same respect from the streamers I am watching. If me being in Zara’s streams is creating problems, to Zara I mean cause I don’t care for the sycophant, fine! So long! Adios! And to be fair she never said I am creating problems to her but her allowing such an awful member in her community violates my rules. I still join her streams from time to time but I do not engage with her or the chat. The message was loud and clear. Perhaps it wasn’t the message Zara would like to give but this is the message I received.
    Besides I got other streamers to watch and interact and play games with!
    Streamers who respect their audience and don’t ignore someone being a sycophant just because that someone is paying!
    This is like Pay2Win game of some sorts! The more you pay the more sycophant you can be!
    Would I go back to her channel and sub and engage if she actually takes action against this sycophant? No, absolutely not!
    The glass has broken as the saying goes! Life goes on and besides me watching other streamers, I got my own channel too!

    And to close this article, in my streams if people are arguing about something, I do not care who is a sub or who donates the most etc I will always side with the person who can back their claim. Assuming of course we are on the same topic and not off-topic!


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